Exodus 14:14

Artwork : ayoqq.org In 2013 when I was applying for university, I singled out my choices to a degree which I was told guaranteed me employment and I would get a bursary for it. Only the bursary bit has materialised. Looking back, I did not in any way think this through. I had been burnt […]

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tell me about yourself

Photo : weheartit.com I love poetry, art and theatre so much I could cry. My authencity is me being pensive, observing. It is me laughing until the joke no longer lingers. Laughing till my voice leaves and my breath follows it. My authenticity is a dry sense of humour, it is some presence of wit, […]

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being better

Photo : adorama.com I am praying as if I’m about to die, I can’t breathe, I have never been so afraid, so lonely, so dissatisfied. I am losing everything at once, I suspect God is trying to get me to start a brighter chapter on a clean slate. I have fought with demons in my […]

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love in abundance

In my love story, he’s consistently kind to me, he’s in awe of me, I’m in pyjamas and he tells me I’m the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen, when I get a new hair style, he loses his mind. Stands on mountain tops and tells the world how lucky he is. When I’m underachieving […]

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today, I wanna fly

Painting : Leonid Afremov On some days, I go quiet I imagine my racing heart speeding me into the sky. I mostly want everything to be silenced, I don’t want to hear from the voices in my head anymore. I want to go to a place far from here, I have no money, so I […]

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come back to life

Artwork – Will you still love me by Paul Lovering. Today I want to speak to familiar strangers, to lost ties, old flames, I want to speak to loved ones who’ve passed away. I want to cry on shoulders that remind me of a time of great intensity, of love that had no barriers, an […]

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